Boiler Accessories – Boiler Transfer Systems

Horizontal boiler transfer systems.

HTS Series Horizontal Transfer Systems

Capacities to 1000 boiler HP 15 through 250 PSI boilers


  • Atmospheric tank with dished heads
  • Tank sizes from 60-1000 gallons standard. Larger sizes available upon request
  • Factory packaged for ease of installation
  • Packages based on 1 gallon storage per 1 BHP minimum
  • Available with multiple pumps and different electrical packages
  • Various pump manufacturers available mounted and wired
  • TEFC pump motors and NEMA 12 enclosures are standard
  • Heavy duty stand with pump platform
  • Integral steam preheater optional

The Bryan horizontal boiler transfer systems are also used as boiler feed systems when dished heads are preferred or more than 500 gallons is needed for storage.

Condensate boiler transfer systems.

Condensate Transfer Systems

6 to 60 GPM pump capacities, 10 to 60 PSI discharge pressures, 8 to 50 gallon receivers

Bryan Condensate Transfer Stations or transfer systems are ideal for remote or non-accessible locations where unattended, dependable performance is essential.

In most heating systems, condensate, and sometimes steam, is trapped out of heaters, kettles, hot presses, molds, absorbers, and other equipment and drained to a return unit having given up some of its heat in the process. If a trap malfunctions, the condensate can be passed to the return unit at a much higher temperature causing the return unit to fail. When using Bryan Condensate Transfer Stations as the return unit, this problem is overcome because they are designed to eliminate cavitation at high temperatures. In addition, Bryan Condensate Transfer Stations are designed to handle the higher load placed on them during cold starts and are supplied with reliable pumps that are designed to handle hotter water and develop higher pressures at lower speeds.