Sales Support / Contacts

Type of Assistance
Contact Job Title Ext Direct Line

Corporate Issues Greg Minard General Manager 6038 765-472-0970

or Domestic Sales
Jim Schnorr 7605 717-239-7642

Domestic Sales,
Product Quotes,
Order Entry & Status,
Pricing, and
Product Literature
Joe Tinney Inside Sales Manager 6021 765-472-0961
Bruce Carson Sales Administrator 6055  765-472-0955
Kyle Eckerley Technical Sales 6044  765-472-0958

Field Service/
Techinical Assistance
Greg Minard Engineering Manager 6029 765-472-0954

Freight or Trucking
Laurel Dorton Traffic Administrator 6024 765-472-0959

Parts, Return Goods
Bruce Carson Sales Administrator 6055 765-472-0955
Kyle Eckerley Technical Sales 6044  765-472-0958

Credit Billing/
Accounts Receivable
& Payable
Beth Barker Secretary/Controller 6025 765-472-0948

Quality Control Issues Roy Bryant General Foreman 6014 765-472-0972

Personnel can be reached via e-mail by using the first initial and last name followed by

You may also call via direct line listed above or corporate number 765-473-6651 and ext. number.