Boiler Accessories – Feedwater Deaerators

Bryan feedwater deaerators offer many advantages and reduce operating cost.

Why Deaerate Boiler Feedwater?

There are many advantages to deaerating water prior to boiler input, but they all boil down to reduced cost operations.

  • Water is heated during deaeration to near the temperature of the boiler water, thus minimizing the risk of thermal shock damage to a high value boiler system.
  • The deaerating process removes noncondensible gases (oxygen and carbon-dioxide) which tend to act as insulators inhibiting the transfer of heat within the boiler.
  • Removal of corrosive oxygen and carbon-dioxide controls corrosion within the boiler and piping, extending the life expectancy of the system and reducing maintenance cost.
  • Higher temperature feedwater reduces the drop in boiler operating pressure which can occur when cold water is added.
  • Recycling of steam from vents and flash steam from traps that would otherwise be vented to the atmosphere can result in appreciable energy savings.
  • Mechanical deaeration by feedwater deaerators can cut the amount of chemical consumables used for water conditioning for a continuing operating cost saving.