Boiler Accessories – Feedwater Deaerators

Vertical Tray Type Boiler Feedwater Deaerators

Vertical Tray Type Boiler Feedwater Deaerators

DTV Series Vertical Tray Type

Capacities 5,000 to 60,000 PPH (145 to 1740 BHP)

The Bryan tray type deaerator is unsurpassed in performance and reliability. These units are ASME Code pressurized units, and are guaranteed to deliver deaerated water at a maximum oxygen content of .005cc/l (7 PPB) and zero measurable CO2. All internal surfaces that come in contact with undeaerated water are constructed of type 304L stainless steel for long life and low maintenance.

Residence time for undeaerated water inside a tray type deaerator is longer, providing more efficient deaeration, particularly where wide load swings occur. A large diameter hinged door affords easy access to internal trays. Spray tubes are accessible from outside of the vessel for maintenance and replacement.

A complete line of boiler feed-pump and control packages is available making the Bryan tray deaerator a completely packaged unit ready for installation with the minimum amount of field assembly.