Bryan Boilers Quick Reference Selection Charts

Use our quick reference selection charts below to quickly find the right flexible water tube boiler for your application.

Hot Water and
Steam Boilers
Ultra-High Efficiency
Condensing 90-98%
High Efficiency Forced Draft 85%
MBH Input1,000-3,0001,500-3,000900-3,000900-3,0003,500-8,000
MBH Output950-2,8501,470-2,940765-2,550765-2,5502,975-6,800
BHP Output44-9823-7623-7689-203
Steam Output Lbs/HrN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Forced Draft Gas XXXXX
Forced Draft Oil
Dual-Fuel Gas/Oil
or Gas/Gas
Low NOx OptionXXXX
Knockdown OptionXXX
Hot Water and Steam BoilersMulti-Fuel Forced Draft with up to 84% Efficiency
Bryan Boiler SeriesDRABRVRWCLMEB
MBH Input250-850900-3,0003,500-8,0008,500-21,000 1,200-3,000 3,200-10,000
MBH Output200-710720-2,5052,800-6,7206,800-17,640960-2,445 2,650-8,000
BHP Output6-2121-7584-201200-52729-7375-240
Steam Output Lbs/Hr206-701742-2,4742,887-6,5987,009-17,319990-2,4742,639-8,247
Forced Draft Gas XXXXXX
Forced Draft OilXXXXXX
Dual-Fuel Gas/Oil
or Gas/Gas
Low NOx OptionXXXX X
Knockdown Option XX XX
Hot Water and Steam BoilersAtmospheric Gas BurnerThree Phase Electric
Bryan Boiler SeriesCLMBEBH
MBH Input900-3,00030-330 KW60-2,400 KW
MBH Output720-2,40098-1,081196-7,841
BHP Output21-723-396-240
Steam Output Lbs/Hr742-2,474104-1,346207-8,280
Knockdown OptionXX