Boiler Controls

Conductor Hydronic Sequencer

Harmonizing Boilers with Systems

Don’t just connect your boilers, harmonize your controls and boiler system with the Conductor. Connect up to 8 boilers using RJ45 and/or RJ11 cables in peer-to-peer network with RWF40, RWF55, TSBC and Concert Controls or hardwire up to 4 products using 0-10vdc/4-20mAdc firing rate and enable/disable contacts. Single point connection with EMS via ModBus BACnet/IP & MSTP as well as LonWorks and Johnson Metasys N2 protocols ensures your boilers connectivity no matter what the setup may be.

Automatic Blow System controls assure that your boiler has regular blowdown on a preset schedule. Systems are available in manual or automatic designs.

Automatic Surface & Bottom Blowdown System

Bryan Automatic Blowdown System

Assure that your boiler has regular blowdown on a preset schedule with these industrial boiler control products. The time and duration of the blowdown period is selectable. Multiple sequences during a 24-hour period can be achieved if necessary. Bryan can provide the boiler blowdown system in either manual or automatic designs.

Universal Communication Gateway

Communication Interface

The Universal Communication Gateway is an external, high performance, low cost building automation multi-protocol gateway that has been pre-programmed to support BACnet®1 MSTP, BACnet®2 IP, Metasys® N2 by JCI, Modbus TCP, and LonWorks®.